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About Us

Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce has an amazing team!

Your Chamber is committed creating the best possible business environment in Hinton & area.

The Chamber of Commerce is the premier organization to further the interests of business.  In recent years the Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce has been involved in rewriting the Offsite Levy Bylaw, one of the most important changes in our community in a very long time; has had significant input on the Municipal Land Use Bylaw, critical regulation for business; and has provided input in every proposed change that might impact local business.

Support does not stop there, however. Your fees also support the Provincial, Federal and International Chambers to ensure that the important views of the business community are reflected in government decision making.  It is important for business to support the Chamber both with ideas and with financial support by buying an annual membership.

"I came to Hinton because I loved the mountains. I found a community that was accepting, which just made the mountains that much better." 

Board of Directors

Committed Business Owners

In the past years, the Chamber has been dominated by business owners focused on making Hinton a business-friendly community. This Board understands how challenging it is to run a business and has maintained a consultative relationship with the Town of Hinton.  This has allowed our business community a voice in municipal decision-making as we have successfully implemented an Offsite Levy Bylaw to really clarify development risk and have had input on the new Land-Use Bylaw to ensure a forward-looking law.

If the Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce or any of our board members can be of any assistance whatsoever please contact us!

Phone:    780-865-2777
Email:      info@hintonchamber.com

2018 List of Board of Directors

  • PRESIDENT - Tracy Sheppard - Wild Orchid Liquor Co.
  • VICE PRESIDENT - Sarah Burns - The Hinton Voice
  • TREASURER / SECERTARY - Joanne Cole - See & Sea Travel


  • Ryan Thomson
  • Nathan Schneider
  • Yvonne Barker
  • Lesley Howe

President - Tracy Sheppard

Tracy came to Hinton for investment opportunities and has become very involved in the community. Tracy is passionate about the Hinton and building a better environment for business in Hinton. She has volunteered for several committees and non-profit groups in Hinton and enjoys the family atmosphere in each.

Tracy owns The Wild Orchid Liquor Co., the friendliest liquor store in the world.

Cellular - 780-865-0265

Email - tshep88@gmail.com

Executive Director - Natalie Charlton

Natalie is long time citizen of Hinton. Growing up in Hinton and operating her own business for nearly a decade and a half gives Natalie a great perspective on the community, She might keep you longer than you intended, but only because she cares what you have to say.


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