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Business Awards Gala

October 21, 2017

Business Awards Gala


2017 Business Awards Gala

Need to know:

The list of Nominees

BUSINESS  OF THE YEAR 10 EMPLOYEES OR LESS -      Cold Creek Boutique    Devlin Griffiths  Hall E Wood Construction    Greg Hall  The Brick    Kelsey Szegi  Laurie Griffiths Interior Design     Laurie Griffiths  Hairaholics & Pure Spa     Shauna McGeouch  Opa's Bake Shop    Helena Christensen  Alberta Parks  - Switzer Park Visitor Services     Scott Sunderwald  Sid The Barber    Sid Harp  Cj's Towing    Chris Pratt  Big Berland Contracting Ltd.    Robert / Denise Boutin  

BUSINESS OF THE YEAR 11-29  EMPLOYEES      Folding Mountain Brewery    Jason Griffiths  Remax2000 Realty    Marcel Dery  Caylor Contracting    Tyson Calhoo 

BUSINESS OF THE YEAR 30 +  EMPLOYEES      West Central Contracting     Todd Seabrook  Teck Coal Cardinal River Operations                   

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE INDIVIDUAL Hill IGA Pharmacy - Anderson Drugs    Courtney Morrison  Cold Creek Boutique    Joanne Stone  Griffiths Ford    Andrew Goulet      Shaun Ryan      Jason Griffiths  Al's Vehicle & Exterior Detailing    Al Sloboda  Rockwater Energy    Tanya Bernier  Rojo Marron    Karen Coon  Wal-Mart / Pharmacy    Kathi Wark  Wal-Mart / Cashier    Shannon O'donnell  Remax 2000 Realty    Jeff MacLeod      Karen Landry   Border Paving & Bernard Vac    Crystal Kendall  Boston Pizza    Breanne Tomlin  Expressions Hair Studio    Michelle Leppington      Skye Gardiner  Intersport    Taryn Snowden  Helmig Fire & Safety    Janet West      Carly Still  OK Tire    Ryan Osmand  Moms on The Run    Lynsey Romano  Apex Auto Body     Jason Cumby  Hinton Veterinary Clinic    Cheryl Blackley  The Computer Guy    Larry Pratt  The Brick    Jesse Bailey      Tanya Bennett  Tim Hortons    JoJo Alo  The Wild Orchid Liquor Co.    Janessa Wright  Hinton Center - Pat's Catering    Rene Deni  Flor Lay    Nigel Knight  Altitude Accounting    Jessica Hearsey  Town of Hinton    Jennifer Davey-Campbell  Cascade Collision    Jan Batovanja  Cascade Collision    Duane Wilson  Big Rock Dodge    Shaylin Risley      Jamie-Lee Kilbreath  Parks West Dental Centre    Rita Lucas  Hillcrest Medical Associates    Karen Mantai      Janna Legrow  Rexall Pharmacy    Christina Vaudan      Jennifer Maclean  Mr. Mikes Steakhouse Casual    Alaina Marciski  St. Gregory School    Colleen Ludwig  JD Consulting    Jacqueline Delisle  Valley IGA - Freson Bros    Sally Sylvester  Hinton General Hospital - Laboratory  Dept.    Claudia Parent  

EXCEPTIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE  BUSINESS      Cold Creek Boutique    Devlin Griffiths  Ever After Floral    Denise Stebien  Folding Mountain Berwery    Jason Griffiths  Rojo Marron    Antino Lopez  Valley IGA - Freson Bros.    Cam Bowman  Apex Auto Body    Jason Cumby  Hinton Veterinary Clinic    Gary Goulash  Optimal Team Solutions    Brad McComb  Griffiths Ford    Jason Griffiths  The Little House Yoga Studio    Carmen Ireland  Pat's Catering     Rene Deni  Affordable Plumbing    Robert Mullen  The Old Grind    Melanie Widenmeier  Golden Taxi    Abdul Salah  Custom Carpet Care    Debbie Bjarnason  Rexall Pharmacy    All the Staff  Aspen Whispers B&B    Marilyn Campbell  Scotia Bank    Darryl Weibe 

RENOVATION / RESTORATION      Peter Stone Accounting    Peter Stone  Rojo Marron    Antino Lopez  Nordstrom Dental    Travis Nordstrom  Cold Creek Boutique    Devlin Griffiths  Andy Bates - John Salmas - Phil Malbeuf    Pembina Ave. Building 

CORPORATE CITIZEN OF THE YEAR      Altitude Accounting    Jessica Hearsey  Optimal Team Solutions    Brad McComb  The Voice    Sarah Burns  Fox Creek Developments    Sharon Kelley  Assante Financial management Ltd.    Daniel Duval  Freson Bros. Vally IGA    Cam Bowman  Pembina Pipeline Corporation    Clint Walker  Brian Reid Bridges

INNOVATION AWARD      Tri - R - Enviro Services    Tracy Brodniansky  Folding Mountain Brewery    Jason Griffiths  King Drug & Home Healthcare    Eric Holt & Staff  The Wild Orchid Liquor Co.    All the Staff  Maximum Work Gear / Outdoor Outfitters    Kim Bevans 

COMMUNITY AMBASSADOR      Northern Rockies Museum of Culture and  heritage    Madison Sharman  The Valley Zoo - Pride Events    Sandy Blagdon  Vice Chair - Hinton Health Care  Foundation    Pam Kopp  Hinton Arts & Culture    Don Engerdahl  The Old Grind    Melanie Widenmaier  Cougar Project    Roger Roy

PIONEER AWARD      Winner will be announced at the Gala 

NEW BUSINESS AWARD      Cold Creek Boutique    Devlin Griffiths  Rojo Marron    Antonio Lopez  Opa'a Bakery    Helena Christensen  Optimal Team Solutions    Brad McComb  Touch of Relief    Rondell Dukewhich  RC Hydraulic's     Colleen Darbyshire / Dino Brown  Mr. Mikes Steakhouse Casual    Marcus & Karen Halvorson  Zama's Health Foods    Crystal Kereliuk  Altitude Accounting    Jessica Hearsey  TriR Enviro    Tracy Brodniansky



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