Small Business Awards Gala 2018

October 20, 2018

Small Business Awards Gala 2018

Our Signature Event - Come and celebrate the best in our business community!


We all lead very busy lives and tend to spend our time focusing on completing our own tasks. Then we witness or experience a business exceeding our expectations. Well, now is your opportunity to spend a few minutes to ensure that they are recognized.

Need to know:

Nominate a business today!

Simply write the name of the business or the individual on the back of a brochure available at participating businesses or a blank sheet of paper. Explain why you feel they should receive an award and fax or email it to the Chamber office before September 14th, 2018. Or, click on the link below to submit a nomination electronically.

Complete the Nomination form 2018




Hinton Centre
965 Switzer Drive
Hinton, AB
T7V 2A7

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Event recap:

Recap will be posted after the event.