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Hinton's Municipal Government has made recycling a priority. From regular household recycling to the collection and safe disposal of dangerous goods, we can recycle a significant amount of the refuse that we produce in our daily lives. In 2016, access to free, cardboard recycling was eliminated. GFR and Waste Management has both been active in the community ensuring that all businesses that produce cardboard have a means of recycling that material.

Recycling Tips

View a detailed flyer with a detailed list of recyclable items and recycling tips (PDF).

The following items are not recyclable:

  • Polystyrene foam (egg cartons)
  • Stereos

Recycling Contacts

Toxic Round-Up

The Toxic Round-Up event is held at the Rowan Street Recycling Centre twice a year. Visit West Yellowhead Recycles' website for more info!

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