Chamber Participates in Important Changes to the Land Use Bylaw

The Chamber has worked cooperatively with Town Administration to provide input on changes to the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Municipal Land Use Bylaw (MLUB). These are two critical elements of our municipal planning.

February 20, 2016
March 16, 2016

When asked for input on the Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and the Municipal Land Use Bylaw (MLUB), The Chamber formed a panel of members from our business community to make comment. The process remains underway and The Chamber is anxious to see the review of the MDP and the MLUB be completed in the next several months.

Suggestions from The Chamber include:

All Plans & Studies To Be Kept Current – The Town manages a significant amount of information and development is well supported when the modeling for municipal systems is current. As an example, a current Water Modeling Study would provide a developer with the head pressures they would require to plan the water system for a potential development. When the information is current, the system runs more efficiently

Highway Commercial Lands – Premium value is realized from Highway Commercial property with proximity to the Yellowhead Highway. Preference should be given to developing Highway Commercial zones east and west of Hinton.

Ensure Alignment with Offsite Levy Bylaw – Negotiated fees in the MDP should be eliminated to avoid similar issues to those created by negotiated Frontage Fees in previous versions of the Offsite Levy Bylaw (See OFFSITE LEVY NEWS).

Limit Direct Control of Permits –Development is best supported by a regulatory environment where the zoning rules and the potential uses are easy to understand. Limiting Discretionary Uses and Direct Control Zoning would provide a good deal of clarity to the market.

Development Review Board – Since the elimination of the Municipal Planning Commission, citizens have lost their right to appeal development decisions. Dispute resolution is not the most appropriate use of Council time and a Development Review Board would rule on disagreements on interpretations of the LUB, providing fair review by a neutral body.


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