Junior Achievement in Hinton

Twelve students who have enrolled in Junior Achievement will create a product, figure out how to finance the enterprise, create a marketing program, roll-out the product or service and then account for the business.

February 21, 2016
March 16, 2016

The Chamber felt it was important to bring training opportunities to our youth interested in becoming entrepreneurs.  This is often ignored and young business people are left to figure things out on their own.  Starting your own business is an undertaking fraught with risk, but it is something that can be very satisfying. Training helps with being successful. Junior Achievement is available across North America to provide a real-life business experience to students.

Over the course of several months the students will come up with a business concept.  They will have to figure out how to supply the service or product - manufacturing considerations are important.  The managers will have come up with ways to finance their idea and the launch of the business.  Finally, it all needs to be tracked (accounting) so they can prove to be profitable, or not.  Making money isn’t the most important goal, instead the students learn about the things that an entrepreneur must consider on a daily, monthly or yearly basis. 

Junior Achievement, in one form or another, has provided business training to youth.  Today, Junior Achievement annually reaches 4 million students with programs that teach financial literacy, entrepreneurship and workforce readiness in grades K-12. Programs are delivered by more than 178,000 Junior Achievement volunteers.

What a fabulous opportunity for our students.  Thanks to Natalie Charlton and her team of volunteers for committing their time to ensure this is a roaring success in Hinton!

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