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February 12, 2019
February 13, 2019

As a community, Hinton and area has been supported by resource based dollars. Coal, timber, and oil and gas, these raw components help support the lives of everyone in one way or another...And we are fortunate to have such a diverse economy.

Unfortunately, this is all being threatened by poor planing and management at a government level

We believe there is a ...

Mismanagement of the strategic value of our natural resources assets is rooted in Canada’s crippling and investment-killing regulatory framework.

There is enormous demand for Canadian energy products to displace coal within growing economies like China and India, which would make a massive contribution to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions.

In every area of the country, our broken regulatory system has suffocated the investment needed to build roads, bridges, ports, nuclear plants, wind farms, pipelines, transmissions lines and manufacturing centers. Canada’s ability to engage in nation building projects is being wasted.

Onerous compliance costs, along with inefficient and unpredictable regulatory processes, divert business resources away from more productive activities. This is especially true for small businesses, which lack the specialized and dedicated compliance resources of larger firms.

Lost in the current national discussion about Canada’s energy resources and climate change is that Canadian energy products are some of the most ethical and greenest in the world.

So we are trying to send a message to our government officials. Our group that helps represents over 200,000 Canadian businesses are going to send a message to our Federal and local governments that we want change. We are also asking for the federal and provincial governments to do more for the embattled sectors and the Canadian people that work and support all resource based businesses.

You can help by downloading the following template. Correct the highlighted information included and send it you your local MLA. Send it to your mayor and council, share on facebook, add your voice.

This link will open or download the template letter depending on your browser settings.

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