National Energy Board Recommendation for Trans Mountain Expansion

The NEB Report released today is a step forward in the Reconsideration Process for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project

February 26, 2019
February 26, 2019

NEB Recommends Approval of Expansion Project

CALGARY, AB – February 22, 2019 – Today the National Energy Board (NEB) released its report and recommendations on the Reconsideration Hearing, one of two reports that will be considered by the Governor in Council when making its final decision on the Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

“The NEB Report released today is a step forward in the Reconsideration Process for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project. It provides specific and achievable conditions under which we must operate to ensure, if approved, the Project will protect the marine and terrestrial environment and communities. This report is an important element of the broader process that remains underway, which includes the federal government’s consultation with Indigenous communities. We look forward to the successful conclusion of these consultations and the decision that will be provided on the Project in the months ahead,” says Ian Anderson, President and CEO of Trans Mountain.

Preparation for the Expansion Project has been underway since 2012 and has included an intensive examination of marine concerns, risks, mitigations and impacts related to expanded tanker traffic. Trans Mountain’s work since this time has also included extensive consultation and engagement with federal agencies and departments, stakeholders and Indigenous communities about safely and marine protection.

The Project will be subject to 156 conditions. The conditions are enforced by the NEB and demonstrate the rigour and detail that will go into every stage of the Project to mitigate risks, respect the rights of those directly affected and operate safely, should the Project be approved.

In addition, Trans Mountain has made hundreds of commitments to address concerns raised by the public, local and provincial governments and Indigenous communities that encompass a wide range of areas. Trans Mountain is required by the NEB to implement each and every one of these commitments.

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