Small Business Week Nominations

This year, for Small Business Week (October 18-24) we shared nominations and stories that have been submitted by you, our community members.

November 2, 2020
November 2, 2020

This year, the Hinton Chamber  unable to host our Annual Business Awards Gala, a time of year where we celebrate the tremendous successes and spirit of our local entrepreneurs.

Instead, for Small Business Week (October 18-24) we shared nominations and stories that have been submitted by you, our community members. This has been an extremely difficult year due to COVID-19, and many businesses have gone above and beyond to ensure their businesses continue to provide the services, expertise and quality that our community depends on.

Small businesses make our community what it is, and it’s important that we recognize and support them -- because we’re all in this together. Shop at our local small businesses and remember to put Hinton first when making a purchase, getting something fixed or replaced, and so much more.

Though 2020 has meant that we’ve had to put off a lot of things, we can’t put off supporting our local small businesses.

Keep our town in business by keeping your business in town

2020 Small Business Nominations


Apex Autobody


“My family and I always choose Apex for all of autobody/windshield work. Always fast, vehicles come back cleanerthen they go in and the work is warrantied. This company keeps me local. I feel very happy when I get my vehicle back because I know the staff goes above and beyond for customers.”


Beier's Bookkeeping Services


“Dependable and consistent service.”

“Excellent service and continued support.”


Breeca Construction Inc.


“Jody at Breeca is wonderful to work with.  He provides good jobs for locals.”


Cold Creek Clothing


“I am nominating Devlin because he has continued to provide excellent customer service and implemented new and creative business ideas during the pandemic. His videos are always entertaining and help keep spirits up.”


Community Futures West Yellowhead


“I am nominating them because they have been working very, very hard to support small businesses in the region.  It is a tremendous amount of work to first learn and understand all the government supports and then accurately inform clients of the programs available.  Not only that they have provided lots of loans to small businesses that did not qualify for CEBA loans or other federal supports.”  


Debbie Boivert Tupperware


“Debbie has gone out to the communityto help each little child get a free Tupperware water bottle. She has done charity work to help raise funds for Freddy's homeless shelter.”


Deep Water Running


“Excellent perseverance and dedication.”


“Rylee has given her all to everyone.  Not just instructional but counsel too. Rylee is selfless always looking to lift the next person to make them a better version of themselves.”


“Rylee runs this with such love and passion. She is so great at communicating and organizing. She is always the highlight of my week! What a gem to have in Hinton. I rave to everyone about it.”


“Rylee has a wonderful program which I have enjoyed for many years.”


“Rylee is awesome at encouragement, creating a program fun for all ages and abilities. She helps with general health questions that are within her range and keeps people engaged and motivated 100% of the time.”


Explore Hinton


“Besides doing an amazing job promoting the surrounding tourism, it’s awesome to see how this business/group has grown to promote the town in whole including small business. It’s about business promoting business and since Matt has taken on this position together with Josh, Scott it’s become a positive impact, contribution to the community.”  




“Nadine is wonderful to work with! She is so artistic and can pick out the most amazing colours of frames to match anything you bring it to have framed. Great business!!”


Freson Brothers


“I chose that grocery store because of the renovations done and the excellent service they offer. There are numerous ladies that are always so pleasant, and the food is great. They have a variety of options and specials as well.”


Gina Hormann, Mary Kay Cosmetics


“She has outstanding customer service with awesome products for every kind of skin types. She has diversified her company during COVID by doing online demonstrations for facials, applying makeup, and promoting her products by her demoing them online every Thursday afternoon. She always has a smile on her face and is so knowledgeable of all her products.”  


Golf Revolution


“He puts 150% into his work and clients.”


Hill Valley Engraving & Awards


“Tim and Rita always go above and beyond supporting projects I want them to help create. They take time out of their already busy schedule of both working full time jobs to accommodate all wants and needs, last minute or not they will always push to get projects done in a timely manner!”


Hinton Functional Fitness


“Abby and her team of coaches are very knowledgeable in health and fitness. They adapt their fitness programs to suit the needs and ability of the person. Members range from teens to seniors. They try to bring health and healthy habits to our community. Everyone who walks in to Hinton Functional Fitness is welcomed with open arms, not only by the coaches but by the members as well. This business is a positive for our community.”


JD&C Services


“JD&C Services has been resilient through the last 5 years with the downturn of the oil & gas industry, as well as COVID. During these times, JD&C Services has tried their absolute best to prevent/prolong having to do lay-offs and keeping people employed. There has been a large lack of work, but JD&C and Roger will still call individuals in for make-work projects, to ensure that people have hours so they can still bring home a pay cheque. Both Roger and Daylene (the owners of JD&C) have made significant sacrifices to keep JD&C afloat, as well as keeping the employees employed and working during these extremely difficult times.”


Jenn Bardarson Photography


“Jenn goes above and beyond for her clients. She will do a lot of extra things that have nothing to do with her job as a photographer, because she cares so much about your wedding day or your session. Above all, she doesn’t expect recognition for it. She is the humblest person I have come to know and she absolutely deserves a shout out.”


Jennica from Tim Hortons


“I’ve been seeing her working so hard and never failed to smile busy or not. She’s always in a good mood every time. Besides coffee I go there for her smile.”


Living Joy Wellness


“Joy has continued to quietly support our community and the most vulnerable amongst us for years. Without any expectations only continued support for the people she serves. Joy continues to be a gift to our community.”


Lynx Creek Oilfield Services


“They have gone over and above for our community in these trying times and deserve a shout out from our local small businesses.”


“I wish to recognize Lynx Creek. More specifically Trena & Mike Radley. Trena & Mike are two of the best people to work for.  Not only do they give back to the Hinton community through multiple donations, sponsorship's and even their own ‘Lynx in the Community’ endeavor specifically to give back to local businesses and spread positivity but they are also incredibly generous and care about their employees. Even through these difficult times with Covid-19 they have continued to do their best to keep staff safe and able to work. I would like Trena & Mike to know that all their efforts, hard work and long hours do not go unnoticed. Thank you.”

My Slice of Paradise


“Allison and Faith have done a wonderful job in the shop with unique and local items. They are always helpful and can provide a lot of information about the interesting things in the shop. They have also been very creative with different workshops and pop ups!”


Royal Canadian Legion


“The Legion is an essential part of the senior community. They seem to always look after each senior from vets to civilians.  They seem to be involved in the community to ensure each has the opportunity to be involved.”


Samson’s Grooming and Feeds


“Cassandra is absolutely the best animal groomer!!!  Her love for animals of all kinds truly shines and her attention to detail is incredible. My dogs are always loved and cared for when they are there, and their coats are shiny and smooth!! They always feel comfortable there!! Thanks, Cassandra, for bringing your true passion to Hinton!!”


Superfry Contracting Ltd.


“Curtis is such a pleasure to work with! He is always so positive and accommodating and his work is always well done.”


Tandoori Kona Restaurant


“I am nominating Raj Kumar and his employees from the Tandoori Restaurant for all that they have donated to the Hinton Food Bank and the community. Raj has not been in business for very long in Hinton and when COVID hit he and his employees stepped up to the plate to assist where needed and became an important part of this community.”


Tayla Prince from Hinton Pet Valu


“She was outstanding. She helped me with everything I needed. Brought my bags to the counter and proceeded to bring them to my car because I couldn’t lift them and carry them all.”


The Old Grind


“They consistently provide excellent customer service (and delicious food) without a hiccup. Each customer is treated like an old friend. This year especially that has been a real challenge and they did not disappoint! Keep up the good work!”


“It is so wonderful to have them open— tables and chairs are set up for physical distancing — everyone working there is masked and my goodness they are so happy to see you and I am so happy to see them.  You do know that under those masks there are wonderful smiles, and I am so glad to see them open again. It is just wonderful to go in for a coffee and see the people coming in. It is very important that we support our Small Businesses during COVID times.”


Torque Monkeys Mechanical Ltd.


“Matt is a great heavy-duty mechanic and is able to work in all industries. It is nice to see him out looking for different work while things are slow due to Covid-19.  He is wonderful to work with and provides great customer service.”


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