Turning Point Generation - $200 million on a Green power generation opportunity

The Turning Point Generation 'Pumped Hydro Stored Energy' Project will potentially bring $200 million to the Province.

May 13, 2016
August 26, 2016

The Turning Point project, officially called the Canyon Creek Project uses a technology that is used in many jurisdictions. The challenge with wind or other forms of renewable sources of energy is storing that energy so it can be used when required. The pumped technology pumps the water from a lower reservoir to an upper during times of low consumption. Then when required the water flows from that upper storage to a secondary reservoir at the bottom of the rise. The water flows through a series of turbines and creates the energy when it is required.

The project will entail 2 years of pre-construction and 2 years of construction to supply power to the grid by 2020. Turning Point has indicated that the majority of the investment will be spent in the Province of Alberta.

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