West Fraser Invests in Lignin Extraction!

Lignin extraction would add significant value to our wood & paper producers!

March 9, 2016
March 20, 2016

Millions of tons of limbs and bark are left after harvest. Producers have long looked for a way to add value to that potential resource and lignin extraction is showing great promise. West Fraser's Hinton Pulp is the first mill in Canada to build an extraction unit to extract lignin – one of the main components of wood – from its black liquor recovery stream to use as a substitute for PF resin in plywood production. The cutting edge procedure brings new environmental merit to the mill, as every tonne of PF resin removed from the process means a tonne of carbon dioxide emission is avoided. Lignin, which has been known for about half a decade, has a number of other functions including being used in the creation of plastic and insulation. The process also represents cost savings for West Fraser, as lignin costs about half the price of PF resin.

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