Business Helps Sustain Wild Mountain

Business contributed in excess of $69,000 to the success of Wild Mountain in 2015. The only way this support can continue, is by citizens giving local retailers the first opportunity to earn their business.

February 21, 2016
March 16, 2016

Business is a critical element of any community. They provide the services a community requires and seem to be involved in most events in the community. This year Wild Mountain indicated that business had contributed over $69,000 in-kind or in cash to make Wild Mountain a sustainable event.

Brian LaBerge, the festival organizer commented: “Hinton should really be proud for being such great hosts to the Patrons of Wild Mountain. The Festival is quickly becoming known as a friendly, high-quality alternative on the summer festival circuit. This is the result of the hundreds of volunteers and the business community that wrote cheques, provided equipment or personnel, or both. This is the stuff that makes Hinton such a great place to be. A community that works together.”

From minor hockey, to trips to Quebec, dance recitals or the Dirt Jam, business is a key element to the success of many of these community initiatives. The one thing that each of those businesses require is respect and support. When citizens are purchasing products or services remember to give your local service supplier the first opportunity to earn your business. If they don’t provide adequate Service, Selection or Value, then go elsewhere. If they do, support them. This support is what allows them to be so involved in making Hinton such a great community to be part of.

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