The Chamber Fights the Reducton of Rural Physician Action Plan

The Chamber opposes the Alberta Government's desire to reduce or eliminate the Rural Physician Action Plan!

March 7, 2016
March 7, 2016

What is the Rural Physician Action Plan? -  The Alberta Rural Physician Action Plan (RPAP) supports Alberta's rural practitioners, their families and communities in improving the quality of rural health care by offering comprehensive, integrated initiatives to enhance rural medical services, education, attraction, recruitment, and retention. For practicing physicians RPAP offers training, recognition and support to physicians currently practising in rural Alberta communities.

RPAP also connects with physicians who are new to Alberta, offering educational  resources, information about RPAP, and assistance with the transition into their new rural community. RPAP supports students from high school to med school, allowing more to realize their degree. Finally, RPAP provides rural communities with information and resources to help attract and retain practitioners in their local communities.

RPAP’s Community Attraction and Retention Provides Alberta’s rural communities with information and resources to help attract, recruit and retain physicians in their local communities.

What is Going on With the Current Government? - The Alberta Government is looking at reducing or eliminating RPAP. Municipalities and young doctors would lose access to the support they are currently receiving.

What is the Chamber's Response? - The Alberta Chamber of Commerce has responded with strong for RPAP and is working with the provincial ministers to ensure that rural communities receive the necessary support to ensure that doctors are attracted to these smaller locations. The Hinton & District Chamber of Commerce has written a letter to Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Sarah Hoffman, to indicate our hope that supports for Rural doctors remain in place.  

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